Excellent writing begins here CNEditing is a copyediting and proofreading service based in Long Island New York. We specialize in all forms of literature and written work. We can insure that your company's best image is reflected in your company prose, whether web publishing, company documents, or promotional literature. Excellence and competence are conveyed through more than a company logo. The proper use of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, can inspire doubt or confidence which directly affects sales. Today's cutting edge companies cover all bases. Let us help your progress on the road to success.

A well-written book or paper, is also well read. One of the best ways to increase the selling power of your book is to insure that it is free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and incorrect punctuation. Get the most out of your writing efforts by utilizing one of several of our copyediting services. Our copyediting team will provide you with professional, cost-effective services to give your book a decisive advantage on the road to market. Our editors will help insure your publications go out correctly.

Call today, and one of our representatives will gladly assist you in determining what types of services and timeframes you required. Our accuracy and concise approach to project fulfillment will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

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